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What’s your “Labor of Love?” | Deanna Maio Music

Hi there Shiny,

A few weeks ago I announced my debut at the brand new club Mazza’s in Portland
on Sept 11, 2014.

I said we were starting at 8pm but, alas I was wrong. We’re starting at 7:30pm so
you can get home at a decent hour.

We’ll still be giving you our very best we’re just starting early. So come for dinner,
stay for the tunes and we’ll have a blas.

Here’s the deets.  It’s important me make a good showing at this new place and
make our first show there a big splash. I sure hope you can make it. 

Deanna & The Downbeats
September 11, 2014
7:30pm   $12 
Mazza’s in the H

ollywood District
3728 NE Sandy Boulevard, Portland

Reservations are highly recommended. 


OK, I’m working on something really big.  LIke HUGE. So big that everytime I
really think about it or work on it…I tear up and start to breath too fast.  

I’ve had meetings, brainstorming sessions, talked with my coach on numberous
occasions and it’s all part of the confession I made to you a few weeks ago about
releasing my fears and going full-steam ahead to make my dreams of making music
in a bigger way and making it a bigger part of my life.

Well, this is going to be the kick-off to that and it’s going to be big.

Did I say it was going to be huge?  

I can’t tell you more now as I’m finalizing all the details. I’ll be revealing the news
LIVE on Sept 11 at Mazza’s so make sure you’re there. 

So in addition to putting on a killer show for you filled with positive, fun, and joyful
music, I’ll be doing the “Big Reveal” on the secret I’m brewing there LIVE and
you are going to be one of the first to hear…trust me. 

Thanks for being a part of the music, my dream, and a community that supports
the arts.

Shine On,