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I’m thankful for | Deanna Maio Music

Diane Schuur was one of the first jazz vocalists I ever heard.

I got her CD as a gift in high school from my Mom.

I don’t think Mom or I knew how that gift would influence me.

Through my life I’ve been blessed to have several people brought into my life to help me along the way.

I was encouraged and given opportunities to grow by my high school vocal teacher and friend, Anne Wells Sanders (as featured in the pic for this post)

My friend James M Gregg inspired me to audition for my first real gigging job and helped me to find my voice.

Chelsea Cafferky Barnes and Brooke Bubna from the Swing Sisters hired me for my first professional (aka not musical theatre) singing gig.

Tony Starlight shared wisdom and mentored me on how to be a better performer.

And recently my music business coach, Tiamo, helped me to see what really was possible for me and encouraged me to think even bigger.

I’m proud to call myself a vocalist, musician, and band leader.

I’m striving every day to bring more of myself to my performances and to strengthen my craft so I can bring more happiness, love, and patience to the world.

I know that my purpose is to give people a break from their troubles if only for a few minutes and to help them see just how much we are all alike AND how very special and unique each of us is.

I’ve been fortunate to record an EP, to play some of Portland’s most iconic venues, and to make music with some of the most incredible musicians in the world.

This morning I heard Diane Schuur’s recording of “The Best is Yet To Come” and I’m reminded of all the good there is in the world and how the best REALLY IS yet to come.

Thank you, Diane Schuur, for sharing your gifts with us and inspiring me.

Thank you God for all the blessings, friends, family, and gifts you’ve given me.

Thank you to every one of you for helping me make my dreams of making music continue with your encouragement, your attendance at my gigs, your purchases of my music, and your kind comments on my recent videos.

I’m so blessed.

Shine on,

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PS: As you may know, I’ve started playing the ukulele and am creating short videos to share music along the journey. If you wanna see what I’ve been up to, check them out here on my youtube channel or on my facebook page.

PPS:  Have a party or event coming up? Why not consider having live music to make it even more special? I have several options for bringing music to your event. Contact me today to learn more!